“When we look around our beautiful home, you come to mind… Thank you for your skill, patience and care in creating a masterpiece.”  Mike P.

“Karen, we love how you are turning our dreams into reality. We truly enjoy working with you…”  Ilene P.

“I think Adolf (the contractor) and you did a great job—we love the final product.”  Gail B.

“Things are coming together and I am appreciating your excellent architectural design. Everything fits together so incredibly!”  Elizabeth W.

“George met our neighbor today who has been in the construction industry for many years. He told George he was REALLY impressed with the design and how it is going to look like it was always there once it is done.  THANKS.”    Peggy G.

“We are extremely happy with how it all turned out! Your ideas and design were right on the mark and Rocky--the contractor’s--attention to detail made it all come together.”  Michael D.

Thank you very much for all the time and effort that you put in this project. You must be very pleased about how it turned out…It’s been a great pleasure working with you. I’m sure I’ll call on your expertise again in the future. I wish you continued success.”  Paul L.

“Thank you again for such clever and refreshing ideas, we now look at the house very differently, it’s as if you sprinkled fairy dust on it.”  Jose A.

“We are grateful for your friendship and for your talent in helping make our house a home we cherish.”   David D.

“I recommended Karen to several others, even before I ask her to work on a project with me. She is remarkable at designing seamless transitions between charming old sections of homes and new additions. She is also very responsive to new ideas and is efficient with her time. Five stars.”   Carol G.

“We bought a historic house—built in 1927—in the heart of the historic Sam Hughes Neighborhood.  The basic house was fine, but it had been badly remodeled—twice.  Because Karen had done some very nice work for us on our previous home, we inflicted our challenging, new project on her.  Her charge was to correct the past remodeling blunders and make other, new changes (a roof over our front porch, for example) while maintaining the architectural integrity and the cultural “feel” of our home.  That she succeeded enormously was evidenced by the fact that, three days after our remodeling was completed, the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association’s public home tour took place, and approximately 3,000 people eagerly visited our home, many of them offering glowing compliments.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with Karen’s insightfulness and professionalism, and we recommend her services very highly.”    Tom S.

"I had been admiring Karen's projects around our neighborhood (Sam Hughes) for years before I realized that she was their author. I sought her out as soon as I knew. I always felt that our ranch style house looked "dumpy" from the street. The changes that Karen made transformed the house so completely that friends coming for dinner have driven past. Now I get inquiries about who did our work.”  Elizabeth E.

"Karen was fabulous to work with. She integrated our goals into creative new ideas, while always keeping our budget in mind. We had a great experience and look forward to our next project together.”    Parker A.

"What an amazing job! I never thought I could love a garage so much. It is a perfect addition with maximal appeal and

functionality. We love it and it has made a wonderful difference in the house. We are delighted with the finished product and could not be happier!  Karen made the entire process a great experience.”   Felicia G.

“You should definitely charge more–to everyone but me of course.”   Penny S.

“Thanks for the cool ideas and drawings. I think this will be a smashing success.”   Peter D.

“We are thrilled with the way it turned out. Thanks so much for helping us along.”   Darlene S.

“You won't find a better architect than Karen Bellamy! I have been enormously pleased with her work. She designed an addition for my home and it looks fantastic. It fits so nicely - it looks like it was part of the original 1946 plan. She offered great suggestions when I needed them. She also was very responsive to my ideas. She transformed my vague vision into reality!”   Merri P.

“Thanks so much for being so receptive and helpful. You (and Adolf) are both treasures!”   Jody H.

“Thank you so much for your helpful advice–we really appreciate it. If we decide to build an addition in the future, we will definitely contact you”   Heather c.

“I sure picked the right architect”  Greg R.

“Thanks again. You were a dream to work with”   Jason K.